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L&B Luxury Contract

L&B Luxury Contract is born from the synergy between the architect Antonio Fabris, Lisar S.p.A., specialized in retail and contract, and the architect Cristiano Battaglia, Battaglia Projects s.r.l., specialized in renovations and interior supplies (in particular kitchen and bathroom’s furniture) and designer of furnishing lines in order to offer a consultancy service and interiors design, furniture and showroom’s renovations, hotel industry, offices, luxury states, residences all over the world.

We design and manufacture furnishings and environments with extreme attention to detail and using the highest quality materials, creating exclusive atmospheres with turnkey projects designed specifically to meet specific customer requirements in order to create a unique environment, your own, with luxury solutions and the unmistakable “made in Italy” style.

But our strength is not only expressed in the creation of exclusive and custom-made pieces, but also in the production of our “catalog” lines that can boast particularly affordable costs always with the style, quality and elegance that sets us apart.

Our Contract divisions are leader in the international luxury design furniture sector: we offer both classic and modern furnishings on projects by our architects for any kind of client, creating exclusive ambiences, supported by a photorealistic rendering thanks to our 3D rendering programs, studying the choice and supply of the most suitable materials for the client’s needs and spaces, starting with the restructuring with our trusted companies that have been working with us for over 20 years.

L&B Luxury Contract Residential

L&B Luxury Contract is recognized worldwide in the luxury housing sector: villas, apartments, private residences.

The teams of the arch. Battaglia design contract furniture with both classic and modern designs, able to satisfy all the requests of a particularly sophisticated clientele with different living needs, thanks to specialized architects and designers and latest-generation 3D rendering programs, combined with the Italian know-how and excellence in the production of furnishings with high quality finishes and materials.

All the environments of the house, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, study and library, terraces and gardens and every other space will be studied by the arch. Battaglia in order to create an exclusive ambiance, tailored to your needs and desires, creating luxurious suggestive and refined atmospheres.

All this always keeping always keeping in mind the value for money, both for custom-made and standard catalog furnishings, which can be customized according to the tastes and demands of the most demanding customers through the use of the most innovative technologies together with that attention to detail, to high quality handcrafted finishes, which together characterize our work.

L&B Luxury Contract Hospitality

L&B Luxury Contract is a leading international company in the contract sector for the furnishing of hotels, hotels, restaurants and residences.

Furniture for halls, waiting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, kitchens, spas, and any environment concerning the hotel, always keeping in mind the value for money, both for standard and custom-made furnishings.

Designing with 3D rendering programs certainly has a very significant importance: we plan in detail both the spaces reserved for customers, with particular attention to aspects such as comfort and quality of materials, and for the operating spaces of those who work there, with particular attention to the functionality of the work areas both for the back-office and for the most operational parts in contact with customers, to be able to offer a product created exclusively or chosen from our standard furnishing lines and then customized in finishes and materials.

L&B Luxury Contract Fashion Retail

L&B Luxury Contract is a leading international company also in the contract sector for showroom furniture in fashion retail.

In the design of sales environments, must be given importance to both functional and aesthetic aspects: therefore we will have a study through our programs that make use of 3D rendering of sales paths, as well as the design of furniture that exalts and puts in evidence the article that is sold, for example a sober and elegant furniture to create the atmosphere in a clothing showroom, or showcases for a jewelry that give a perception of luxury through the use of high quality materials (leather, fine woods, integrated LED lights).

L&B Luxury Contract Offices

In the L&B Luxury Contract design for the office environment, is important to make the work easier and flowing: everything that can increase functionality and efficiency is carefully investigated. With interior designing first and then with the work of our operating building teams we will create (or knock down …) plasterboard partition walls, false ceilings to delimit an “ad hoc environment” through all aspects, such as the study of the positioning of the light points. Subsequently, the furniture will be mounted (with a targeted choice of materials, colors …), with the possibility of choosing from the “catalog” furnishing lines of our production that combine unbeatable prices with the quality and elegance that distinguish our works.



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